Email marketing is one of the most effective methods through which you can market your business. It provides the highest Return On Investment. We create compelling Email marketing campaigns to nurture your customers through their buying journey and educate them about your special discounts, offer and product sale. At Yo Digital Marketer a precise emphasis is laid on your customers to create a personalized one-to-one connection with your brand to establish relevance and credibility. We let you choose from an array of email templates to compose a competent and suitable email copy.

Creating an effective and inquisitive subject line to increase the open rate and also write a fascinating email copy to increase the click-through rate is our objective. A clearly defined strategy of sending emails by doing A/B testing - This helps to identify which emails perform the best and continue on that. Our email marketing services cater to the time zone of the region and send emails at the ideal time to increase your email open rate and click-through. We regularly analyze and test our email campaigns to consistently improve and provide greater revenue for your business. Regardless of whether you are looking to use an email marketing strategy or upgrade one, we are here to assist you and contribute to your success.